Angels of Plushenko Academy

The Evgeni Plushenko Figure Skating Academy “Angels of Plushenko” opened its doors to students on April 5, 2017. The Academy occupies a leading position in Russia in training athletes in the field of figure skating. High-quality training takes place with students in small groups and individually according to the curriculum developed by Evgeny Plushenko and his team of trainers.

Training program

Training at the Academy is led by Plushenko Evgeny Viktorovich, according to the system of the main Russian coach - Mishin Alexei Nikolaevich.

Eugene also brings his experience and knowledge into the education system. Having gone through 4 Olympics and won 4 Olympic medals, of which 2 gold and 2 silver, and having undergone 17 operations, he takes on various athletes who go through injuries and want to stay in the sport. Its system allows you to quickly restore all jumps without harm to health with the help of special exercises on the ice and in the halls for general physical training. Evgeniy delivered ultra - c jumps ( 3.5 Axels and 4 jumps ) for more than 20 athletes ( 15 of them were girls ) . His system is aimed at longevity in sports and at improving the quality of jumps through a unique technique. Evgeny's team is working on: sliding, jumping, spinning, bringing them to a new sports world level.

Virtual tour of the academy